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3rd August 2023, London

The Biltmore Mayfair

Join us at this elite summit, where pioneers and visionaries from the world of innovative technology gather to explore cutting-edge advancements,

3rd August 2023, London

The Biltmore Mayfair

Join us at this elite summit, where pioneers and visionaries from the world of innovative technology gather to explore cutting-edge advancements,

The Biltmore Mayfair
The Biltmore Mayfair
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The Biltmore Mayfair
The Biltmore Mayfair

Unraveling the Web3 Revolution

Designed to demystify the complex concepts of Web3 and blockchain

Diverse Perspectives

We recognize the value of experiences in shaping the future of Web3

3Networking Opportunities

The Web3 Wave Summit provides an excellent platform for networking





Welcome to the Web3 Wave Summit, the premier event dedicated to exploring the revolutionary world of Web3 technologies and blockchain innovations.

Why Join Us

Let’s Check Our Industry

Setting the Stage

The venue for this exclusive affair "The Biltmore Mayfair, LXR Hotels & Resorts" exudes an air of sophistication and innovation. A fusion of contemporary design and technological marvels, the space serves as a testament to the merging worlds of art and digital technology. From interactive installations to state-of-the-art projection mapping, the ambiance captures the essence of the NFT revolution, creating an immersive experience for attendees.

Celebrating Digital Creativity

The event celebrates the remarkable creativity of digital artists who have embraced the NFT medium, revolutionizing the art world. Displayed on high-resolution screens and projections, these unique and original works come to life, blurring the lines between reality and virtuality. Attendees have the opportunity to witness iconic NFT pieces from renowned artists, as well as emerging talents, each pushing the boundaries of what art can be in the digital age.

The Power of Collaboration

One of the key themes of this elite event is the power of collaboration. Prominent artists, tech innovators, and blockchain experts gather to share their insights and experiences, highlighting the transformative potential of NFTs. Panel discussions, TED-style talks, and fireside chats provide a platform for intellectual exchange, where attendees can explore the implications of this new art paradigm and its impact on the wider cultural landscape.

Unveiling Unique Collections

As the evening unfolds, the spotlight turns towards exclusive NFT collections specifically curated for this event. Renowned artists and collectors present their limited-edition series, each piece possessing a rich narrative and backstory. Attendees have the rare opportunity to acquire these digital treasures, forever associating themselves with the vanguard of the NFT revolution.

Exploring the Future

Beyond the glitz and glamour, "Beyond the Real Art, The NFT Revolution" aims to ignite a conversation about the future of art. Attendees can immerse themselves in virtual reality experiences, exploring digital galleries and traversing a limitless artistic universe. Interactive workshops introduce attendees to the process of creating and trading NFTs, empowering them to become active participants in this transformative movement.

Beyond the Real Art, The NFT Revolution

Stands as a testament to the bold and innovative spirit of the art world. By embracing the NFT revolution, this elite event challenges conventional notions of art and ownership, propelling the creative landscape into uncharted territories. It serves as a meeting ground for pioneers, artists, collectors, and tech enthusiasts to envision a future where art and technology intertwine seamlessly. As attendees depart, they carry with them the inspiration and knowledge gained from this extraordinary event, ready to contribute to the ongoing revolution that is reshaping the world of art.


Our Topics
of Focus ?

  • Blockchain Technology: Exploring the fundamentals of blockchain, smart contracts, and distributed ledger systems.
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Analyzing the disruptive potential of DeFi and its impact on traditional financial systems.
  • NFTs and Digital Assets: Understanding the role of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in reshaping digital ownership and creative industries.
  • Web3 and the Metaverse: Delving into the concept of the metaverse and its implications on the future of the internet and virtual interactions.
  • Privacy and Security: Discussing the challenges and opportunities in maintaining privacy and security within decentralized ecosystems.

Meet Our

Lineup of

Anndy Lian

Intergovernmental Blockchain Advisor

Talgat Dossanov

Founder & CEO Biteeu Exchange

Tim Aron

Barrister, Minerva Chambers External Counsel, Tether and Bitfinex Securities

Professor Yu Xiong

Associate Vice President of University of Surrey, Director of Surrey Academy for Blockchain and Metaverse Applications

Rafal Trepka

General Manager Central Asia Mastercard

Ned Wang

Deputy Director, Oxford-Octa Laboratory in Digital Economics, University of Oxford

Dan Mitchell

Web3 Lead Oracle, Red Bull Racing

Alex Atashkar

Co-Founder of Seed.Photo

Ben Radclyffe

Managing Director, Amber Group

Tom Downing

Council Member, BIMA (British Interactive Media Association)

Caner Sevinc

Regulatory Counsel, Wirex

Nish Patel

Executive Director - Strategy & Operations, Binance

Dr. Hugo Gong

Lecturer, University of Westminster

Baroness Uddin

Member of the House of Lords, Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group on Metaverse and Web 3.0

Jonscott Turco

Adjunct Professor, Manhattan College

Dr. Christina Yan Zhang

CEO, The Metaverse Institute

Jenny Zheng

Business Development Lead, Bybit NFT

Charlotte Meyer

Government Affairs and Policy, Binance

Sid Shekhar

Blockchain Research Manager, Coinbase

Des Agyekumhene

Legal PhD Researcher & Founder SOGA WORLD

Benjamin Whitby

Regulatory Affairs, Qredo

Daryna Rabinova

Institutional Business Manager, Huobi

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